Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Civil Services -IAS Topper Divyadarshini

Indian Civil Services 2010-11: All India Rank 1st Ms. S.Divyadharshni

An exclusive Interview

Brief Bio Data

Name: S.Divyadharshni

School: Asan Memorial Sr. Sec School, Chennai

College: School of Excellence in Law, Tamilnadu Dr. Ambedhkar Law University

Native: Chennai

Qualification: B.A, B.L (Hons.)

Your interest in CSE

Though had the idea even before I joined College, It became serious during my college days. I decided that knowing law would do extra good as an administrator. And the main reason for taking up civil service was to become a part of the change that we wish to see.

Subject Selection

Prelims: Public Administration

Mains: Public Administration and Law

Coaching if any

Attended coaching in Prabha IAS Academy, Chennai. Coaching is a means of guidance to help us assist along the way to preparing civil services.

Preparation Strategy

Just a focused approach.

Prelims- have a wide knowledge and study about the subject and current affairs. 
Mains- Prepare my own notes for specifi topics that would also help me in  revision.

Book List

Public Administration:

Public Administration- THoery and Practise- Lakshmi Kanth
Indian Administration- Mahshwari
Public Adinstration - Avasthi and Maheshwari


Constitutional law of India- Pandey AND MP Jain
International Law- S K Kapoor AND Agarwal
Contracts- Avatar Singh
Torts- Atchudhan Pillai
Crimes- Atchudhan pillai

others- Internet as a source

Examination Experience

Labourious exercise as the entire process goes on for a year. But have never felt tired of it. Prelims is the toughest to crack as it is the most competitive. Good Writing Skills was of much help in the mains.

And confidence is the way to go for the interview. The path had been tedious with study and exams but all the work and efforts have finally paid out.

Interview (strategy, questions, and atmosphere) – UPSC Board

Interiew was the best pat of my exam which I enjoyed. I went in with confidence that I could do well and infact wen I came back I was confident enough that I did well to impress the board.

There were questions relating to RTI, LokpallBIll, mostly questions were profile based and some law based as I come from that background. Also, there were some situational questions that they use to ascertain our decision making skills and test our personality. The Board was infact cordial and the interview progressed positively.

Total Marks scored

General Studies - 265
Public Administration - 356
Law- 374
Essay- 114
Interview- 225
Total - 1334

Any other tips you wish to share    

Adopt your own strategy and no one can be a better judge of yourself than you. Be open minded. Devise a planned approach and follow it. Have a balance between study and play so that you don’t wear out at any stage.

All the very best for all the civil service aspirants



  1. Mem congratulation,i am goutam from ASSAM.actually i respect a person of IAS or IPS.i have got many encourage from your success.so now i am preparing for Bank or civil service and doing also MA in economics from GU..Can I ACHIEVE THIS GOAL..mem ?

  2. Well. Gooutam, you can clear the exam if you are preparing the exam well. All The Best

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