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Man learns through experience, and the spiritual path is full of different kinds of experiences. He will encounter many difficulties and obstacles, and they are the very experiences he needs to encourage and complete the cleaning process.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

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“The more we sweat in the practice, the less we bleed in battle field” Let our work be so strong that even te goal lends to see us winning. 

Friday, 28 December 2012

UPSC Exams-General Information-FAQ-Frequently Asked questions and Free Counselling-Optional Selection

Dear Sir, I want to take Maths and Medical Science as my optional subject.
- Keshubhai
It is really a rare combination medical person opting for maths. It is really interesting. As you have stated that you are comfortable with maths and can give long quality working hours.

In our opinion, medical science is the best among all optionals. The success ratio also 1:3. This is highest among all optionals.

After 2001, syllabus change maths becomes really tough and tough. Even IITians don't go for this optional. So, you have to revisit your decision. Please go through the previous years questions and try to solve it. If you can perform it well, you can go ahead.

If you find it difficult, follow one of the following optionals. Anthropology / Psychology / Sociology. Normally medicos go with medical sciences and one of the above.

UPSC Exams-General Information-FAQ-Frequently Asked questions and Free Counselling-General Issues

Sir, Till what rank one will get IPS?
- Thirupura Sundari
Normally, after the final result is cleared, successful candidates are allotted the service based on their rank and their preference given in the mains application.
Most of the students opt for IAS as a first choice, few may opt IFS or IPS also as a first choice. For example, if a person has given preference of IPS as a first choice, And he/she tops in the civil services, he/ she will be given IPS only not IAS.
Normally one has to come (General Category) in the top 100- 150 in the list, there is a good chance of getting IPS. 

UPSC Exams-General Information-FAQ-Frequently Asked questions and Free Counselling-Optional Selection

Dear Sir, I want to know about Medical Sciences as an optional paper. I am a dental Graduate, currently doing my internship, and my knowledge of medical subjects is confined to in and around the mouth (at the max. about head and neck) even though we read about all the main medical Subjects. I don't want to change my optionals.
-Thimme  Gowda

There is a strategy already available in the site. First go through it. Then go through the detailed syllabus and the previous years question papers of Medical Sciences. This will give an idea about the subject, whether to select a particular subject or not.

Here you have to keep one thing in the mind - only Medical Graduates will appear with this subject. Can you withstand with them? When there is a competition among the specialists, one has to double sure before opting for the subject. One has to top among the fellow optional holders, so that the chances of getting selected is bright. This is a running race, not the qualifying exam/University exam.

For the first optional, you have to think about it. The success ratio of History is far below standard. You can think of opting for Sociology/ Zoology (As this subject will be easy for you as you have some background). Still, whenever you have a doubt, you are always welcome to clear them with us.

Please follow the common strategy (Litmus Test i.e. Reading the detailed syllabus and previous years question papers before jumping into any conclusion) before selecting the subject.

UPSC Exams-General Information-FAQ-Frequently Asked questions and Free Counselling-Optional Selection

Sir/Madam, I am doing 1st year in agriculture. Which choice are better Agriculture and Botany or Agriculture and Geography. Please tell me the ratio of these two combinations.
-  Binny

Both the Combinations are fine. There is about 150 marks out of 600 marks is common in both Geography and Botany, with agriculture. The success ratio of Agriculture is about 1:6 Geography is about 1:10, Botany is also the same, or little more.

There is an added advantage if an agriculture student takes geography as a second optional.

1. Geography is a main component in the general studies.
2. Agricultural geography, climatology, Indian agriculture will be easy for agriculture graduates.

3. Geography is scoring and safe optional.
4. If you read geography, you will have wider knowledge base.
5. Very good material is available. 

UPSC Exams-General Information-FAQ-Frequently Asked questions and Free Counselling-Optional Selection

Dear Sir, What is the success ratio of students of Commerce & Accountancy, Public Administration, and Geography as per the UPSC? I had commerce stream in my class XII. So giving 3-4 months time to the syllabus of Commerce & Accountancy which has not been covered by the class XII Syllabus of CBSE is sufficient for good preparation of the subject. Is the level of toughness of the IAS exam of Commerce & Accountancy is equivalent, less or more tough when compared with C.A. & I.C.W.A exams? Please Advice.
- Kathiyaini

The Success Ratio also varies from year to year. The analysis is based on the latest available record. These all are for the Main Exam only.
The Success Ratio of Commerce and Accountancy is 1:9.75; Public Administration is 1:12.69; Geography is 1:9.1

The syllabus of Civil Services Exam is of M.Com standard. We don't think that can be compared with 12th Commerce stream.
Regarding the Exams of CA, ICWA one has to pass, so it is tough in that aspect. In the Civil Services, it is the score matters. Here, it is a running race, one has to compete with many for few posts. So, first go through the detailed syllabus and previous years question papers, which will give an idea. Read the Strategy column in the blog. We hope your doubt is cleared.

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The art of PATIENCE is not much about how long one can wait, but it is about how one behaves while waiting.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

UPSC Exams-General Information-FAQ-Frequently Asked questions and Free Counselling-Optional Selection

Dear Sir/Madam, How do the chances to qualifying differ if you take a subject like Management which very few people take? Also why is management taken by only few people even though if is less complicated than other subjects?

The competition is among management students only in the first instance. You have to be in the top among Management students. Normally specialized subjects like Management, Medical Sciences, Engineering, and Agriculture are opted by the students from the same background only. Other popular subjects like History, Geography, Public Administration, and Sociology are opted by students with different background, when the number of candidates’ increases, the chances of selection also increases. In the Preliminary selection there is no problem now, as it is now CSAT 

UPSC Exams-General Information-FAQ-Frequently Asked questions and Free Counselling-General Issues

Sir, I am doing my Mechanical Engineering in Tomsk Polytechnic University in Tomsk, Russia. I have another three years to complete my course. I am very eager to take up UPSC exam. Is the degree I get from here valid to take up the examination? And please let me know the best way to approach this examination in my present situation. I will not be coming to India for another two years and where will I get the study material. Please suggest some effective methods of preparing for the exam.
- Manavalan 

First of all, you have to find out from AICTE authorities, whether the degree you get from abroad is valid in India or not. As per the UPSC's notification, any degree should be UGC recognized OR Equivalent degree. That's all.

As far as your preparation is concerned, first select the optional interesting to you. Then start the preparation for general studies and one optional. You can get some online sources as study material also. Good study material is concerned; you can get it from Delhi. Delhi is a hub centre for civil services exams

UPSC Exams-General Information-FAQ-Frequently Asked questions and Free Counselling

Dear Sir, I want to know the date of CSAT Exam ?
- Ravi Koda

The date of Examination (Preliminary) is the third Sunday of May every year. The main exam is in the month of October-November of the same year. The Interview is in the month of April, corresponding next year. For the authentic details, please go through the notification issued by the UPSC. Normally, it comes in the month of November. The same will be published by the Employment News and leading newspapers. 

There is no separate exam for IAS and IPS. It is the combined Civil Services Examination conducted by UPSC for IAS, IPS, IFS. IRS, ICCES, IAAS, I RTS,IRAS, IRPS,ICAS,IDAS and some more services. The names of the services are also available in the model notification in the site. 

Free Essays for Competitive Exams-IICT Srinagar: in Pursuit of Excellence in Carpet Industry in J&K

IICT Srinagar: in Pursuit of Excellence in Carpet Industry in J&K 

The Indian Institute of Carpet Technology Srinagar (IICT) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified autonomous institute, established by office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Ministry of textiles, Government of India and the Department of Industries & Commerce (Directorate of Handicrafts), Government of Jammu & Kashmir. The IICT, Srinagar has been set up to provide technical support and development support to the carpet industries specific to Jammu & Kashmir.
The main activities of IICT Srinagar revolve around Human Resource & Development (HRD), Research & Development (R&D), Design Creation and Development (DCD)and other Technical services to the industry. The IICT, Srinagar  is a satellite centre of Institute of Carpet technology, Bhadohi, UP. The institute commenced functioning in the year 2004-05. It is managed by an Executive Committee headed by Principal Secretary, Industries and Commerce, J&K Government.
 Carpet Designs & Talim Scripts

IICT has introduced a modern technique which is a locally developed Carpet Design Software, in the field of carpet designing wherein carpet designs are automatically converted into Talim Scripts (a unique Coded Pattern). The  designs herein created and developed are preserved for ever. This innovation has eased the design work enormously as it used to take months together for a group of persons comprising of Naqash (Designer), Talim Writer and a Talim Copyist  to make the carpet design of standard size and to transfer the design drafted on graph paper (outline only) into the coded pattern known as talim in the local language. With the help of this technology, one can view the complete design on the monitor of a computer before actually going for manufacture.

Modern Carpet Loom

After an extensive research for more than four years (2005-2008), the Institute conceived the design of Modern Carpet Loom, first of its kind in the entire country, and developed its one prototype. This was aimed at improving the working conditions of the carpet artisans.  The necessary testing and trial runs of this prototype were conducted at the Institute for more than two years and its working was observed on regular basis. After additional trial runs in more than 100 carpet training centres of State and Central Government were conducted to make them user friendly, these looms were approved for introduction in the carpet industry of the State.

Subsequently, Office of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Ministry of Textiles, Government of India has earmarked funds to the tune of 32.0 Crores for the introduction of 8000 such looms in the carpet Industry under Mega Carpet Cluster Project as per funding pattern of 80:20 as the share of Government of India and State Government respectively which implies that Modern Carpet Loom along with the sitting bench shall be made available to the artisans free of cost.

The Institute has distributed first consignment of 500 Modern Carpet Looms in 10 districts of Kashmir division (50 looms/district) in July 2012.

Skill Up-gradation

To educate and upgrade their skill and broaden their information & Knowledge base, IICT has devised Skill Up-gradation/Orientation Training/ Design Workshop programmes for over 1700 persons comprising of Artisans, Designers, Talim Writers, Washer-men etc. This will help in manufacturing  best quality carpets as per the current market requirements which in turn will address the issue of low economic returns to the artisans.

Infrastructural Facilities

The Institute has set up Design Studio with latest digital equipments wherein 561 Carpet and 107 Kani Shawl Designs in the digital form were developed with the application of Carpet Design Software. IICT generated revenue of Rs 13.17 Lacs from the industry while providing these on nominal charges.

Library has been set up with relevant books and magazines of international repute for the reference of Industry & trade. Design Bank has been set up for the carpet craft in the digital format wherein 287 old/traditional carpet designs presently available in the form of manually written Talim paper scripts (coded pattern) have been digitised so far. The digitised designs are preserved forever and can be recreated as per the current market requirements. Besides, Testing Laboratory for Physical and Chemical Testing of raw materials like Silk, Wool, Cotton etc., has been set up.

A detailed research study has been completed by the Institute to look for ways and means to streamline the process of carpet washing which has remained unchanged since centuries together and to standardise the use of chemicals and auxiliaries to improve the finishing of carpets.

Integrated Skill Development Scheme (ISDS)

The Institute has introduced two unique Short and Long term courses under Integrated Skill Development Scheme (ISDS) of Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. Under the programme, over four thousand persons shall be trained, over a period of five years, with the objective to develop a trained human resource for the carpet Industry in Kashmir division. Besides, it is aimed to create additional self employment opportunities for the educated unemployed youth in the Handicrafts sector by providing them requisite technical and entrepreneurial skills so that they could set up their own income generating units for the growth and development of the Carpet Industry.

Under the scheme, 4200 candidates from eight districts of Kashmir division viz Anantnag, Bandipora, Baramulla, Budgam, Ganderbal, Kulgam, Pulwama & Srinagar, shall be trained under four months Certificate Course in Carpet Manufacturing (CCCM) and 100 candidates shall be trained under One year Diploma in Carpet Technology & Entrepreneurship Development (DCTED). The scheme is in progress since January 2012.

Mega Carpet Cluster Project

A massive Skill up-gradation and Capacity Building programme under Mega Carpet Cluster project sanctioned by Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Ministry of Textiles, Government of India and Industries & Commerce Department, Government of Jammu & Kashmir has recently been launched at seven different areas of district Srinagar.

Around  4000 carpet artisans of Srinagar District shall be trained over a period of three years. The objective of this programme is to educate the artisans about  quality of Raw Materials, Yarn Dyeing, Carpet Designing (Traditional/Modern), Carpet Finishing, Quality Control & its importance, Marketing & Marketing Techniques, Formation of SHG’s/ Clusters/ Cooperative Societies & their benefits and to sensitize them about the Modern Carpet Loom designed by IICT, Srinagar.

Awareness Camps

In addition, awareness sessions about the developmental schemes of various departments and organizations are organized so that artisans can avail benefits from such schemes. Awareness camps were organized at Shangus (Anantnag), Devsar (Kulgam), Reyar Khan Sahib (Budgam), and Ajas (Bandipora) for setting up of Carpet Production Centers. Around 1000 artisans and carpet weavers participated in these awareness cum interactive camps.

Study tours and field visits are also organized to broaden the horizon of their practical exposure so that artisans can assimilate changes that are taking place at the national and international level.


IICT has undertaken successful completion of study on feasibility and suitability of locally produced high quality reeled Mulberry Silk as raw material for Hand knotted Silk Carpets instead of spun silk yarn being imported from outside the State.

In order to provide legal protection and safeguard against use of registered Geographical Indication by others, the Institute is presently working on the project of “Registration of Kashmiri Hand Knotted Silk Carpets under Geographical Indication Act”.

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When unexpected situation comes in front of you, what does it mean? It means that you are moving ahead faster than you expected.  

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

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Golden words by “Bill Gates” “ Whenever there is a hard job to be done, I assign it to a laziest man as he is sure to find an easy way of doing it”

Monday, 24 December 2012

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Without investing enough ‘Issue-less” moments of togetherness, deep relationships cannot be built. 

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Free Essays for Competitive Exams-Creative SHG - on the Path of Progress and Sustenance

Creative SHG - on the Path of Progress and Sustenance
- A success Story 

An amount of Rs. 16 lakhs has been sanctioned by Sikkim Rural Development Agency under Rural Management & Development Department to Creative Self Help Group (SHG) of Namcheybong, Pakyong for establishing a rural product marketing centre.

Creative SHG was set up in 2010 under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme, Swarna Jayanti GrameenSwarojgar Yojana with six members. The SHG is engaged in noodles making and working hard to become self-reliant. The group is the most performing SHG in East district. The small scale industry of noodles is more vibrant in neighbouring region of Kalimpong in Darjeeling district. Sikkim is also a market for the noodles from this region. Considering the potential of noodles in Sikkim, the Creative SHG laid focus on this sector and visited various noodles production centres in Kalimpong to gain ideas. It also deputed some local youths of their villages to work at these centres so they learn the noodle making process.

Creative SHG is supplying three types of noodles-plain, vegetarian and non-vegetarian-in the market under the brand name ‘Sikkim Kanchen Product’. The markets are Gangtok, Pakyong, Singtam and Rangpo. The group is targeting to enter other parts of Sikkim also.

 “We have involved some male members as we need their help too”, said the 12 member Group Head, Laxmi Rai. She further added that the economic conditions of every member have improved after the formation of the SHG. Every member knows the importance of collective effort.

Sikkim Rural Development Agency Project Officer D.R.Sharma said the Creative SHG is the best SHG in the East district. “The SHG completed the second grading and we have released subsidy of Rs. 1 lakh to it. Rural women folk should take inspiration from the SHG”, said Sharma.

The Creative SHG does not limit its activities to entrepreneurship. It is also actively working to create awareness among women folk of Sikkim and helping them to become empowered. Till now, the group has organized awareness and motivational programmes on benefits of SHGs to women of Rhenock, Rongli, Assam Linzey and other parts of the State.

The Creative SHG also shares its knowledge and experiences with other existing SHGs and has already conducted awareness programmes for the SHGs of Namcheybong, Dalapchand and Machong of East district. It is a regular participant in sale and exhibition meets organized in Gangtok, Jorethang and outside the State. The members also take products prepared by other SHGs when they go to participate in exhibitions outside Sikkim.

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Every one is good to you till you expect nothing from them… and you are too good to them only till you fulfill their expectation… So never know whom to expect from in this world.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

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People believe that Erasers are made for those who make mistakes. But, Erasers are actually made for those who are willing to correct their mistakes. 

Friday, 21 December 2012

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A rubber band goes to more distance and reach new height ONLY when it is stretched and released. In life we need similar painful strechings and trainings to reach the top

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

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The Three “Cs” of leadership are Consideration, caring and Courtesy….
Brian Tracy

Free Essays for Competitive Exams-E-Toilets from Kerala in Jammu and Kashmir

E-Toilets from Kerala in Jammu and Kashmir

Kerala's own electronic toilets (e-toilets), one of the prominent innovations of the state in public health, hygiene and sanitation sector, would now be seen featured at the scenic an snow covered valleys of Jammu and Kashmir also.

Developed by Eram Scientific Solutions, the Thiruvananthapuram based scientific R&D firm, the e-toilets for Jammu & Kashmir region has been customized as per the region's own geographical and sub-zero climatic conditions in response to J&Ks tourism departments request for setting up e-Toilets in the State. The e-Toilets would be set up at Affarwat and Gulmarg.  Affarwat is one of the world's highest locations which uses cable car using gondolas at a height of over 4000 ft above sea level and the only one location in the world that takes skiers to a height of 4,390 metres.

In addition to the e-toilets, specifically designed STPs (Sewage Treatment Plants) would also be set up at DalLake to address its waste treatment woes. A 2.5 ton container loaded with the e-toilet and STP components would be leaving from Thiruvananthapuram to Jammu and Kashmir. Eram Scientific has designed customized e-toilets which can function in sub-zero temperatures, even at -55o. In order to function at this sort of extreme cold temperatures, military grade equipments have been used in the customized e-toilet model. Eram Scientific has successfully implemented over 400 e-toilets in various parts of the country.

The e-toilets are designed on the lines of the Australian National Public Toilet Map.  The user, could view the toilet map via the Internet or the cell phone, select the nearest toilet station, set a parking space, make payment, view the timings and get other details on allied facilities.

The company has entered into an association with the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore for further research and development of e-toilets.

The collaborative work will focus on structural analysis and design verification of these toilets.

Need for a Sustainable Intervention in Sanitation sector

Urban and Semi Urban areas -These areas face severe problems with respect to standard public toilets, cleanliness and better sanitation amenities in particular. The cities and towns being overpopulated pose severe health hazards arising due to unhygienic conventional sanitation methods being followed in these areas. The introduction of the proposed sanitation system would radically change the plight of the existing toilets and public sanitation system in place.
Social Relevance - Unhygienic sanitation cause infection and related diseases especially in women and children. The level of privacy, dignity and safety for women can be rendered in the best possible manner by installing Electronic Public Toilets in all possible public locations.
Unhygienic Tourist Spots - Tourism is also facing the ill-effects of the deplorable sanitation conditions in the country. Several tourist spots and connecting roads are a pity to the country and are causing discomfort for the tourists. Chances of getting infected with severe communicable diseases in the Indian streets do create doubts for the tourists in choosing it as their destination.
eToilet, India’s First Electronic Public Toilet

Through this unique product, the company has attempted to address the inherent challenges of public sanitation. In a perfect situation, a public toilet should have the capabilities to address waste management, effective water usage and sustainability as core challenges among various other issues. eToilet is positioned as the perfect solution which addresses all these effectively; it is cost effective, appropriate and suitable for the geographic and demographic patterns of any location. It is working on a mission to have all Indian Cities with modern sterilized public sanitation system. To further improve Urban Sanitation Infrastructure, such projects with huge social relevance are inevitable.  

The Innovation

The idea was to develop an eco-friendly public sanitation system for the Indian sub-continent based on a novel convergence of electronic, mobile, web and bio technologies, for serving as an affordable, sustainable and effective public toilet service in India eToilet is positioned as the ultimate solution to ensure public toilets across the country are maintained hygienically, with the minimum of manual intervention, and substantial energy and water savings as well. The e-Toilet works on total auto mode: The insertion of a coin opens the door for the user, switches on the light - thus saving energy - and even directs the user with audio commands. The toilets are programmed to flush 1.5 liters of water if the user takes up to 3 minutes, and 4.5 liters of water if the usage is longer. They can also be programmed to clean the platform after every 5 or 10 persons use the toilet. The e-Toilet is the result of a convergence of electronics, web and mobile technologies, featuring automated door opening, power flushing, automatic closet washing and sterilization, and automatic platform cleaning mechanism, all backed by SMS alerts to inform the control room about the status of water tank and bio gas plant in the event of any errors or failures through which the downtime can be minimized. The solid and liquid wastes are treated scientifically. A bio-membrane reactor is used to treat solid wastes and the water used is purified for reuse. The uniqueness of the solution lies in the built-in electronic innovations that will facilitate self cleaning of the toilets with minimum water usage, and treatment of solid waste and water with an environment friendly sewage treatment solution. 

Highlights of the Project

As on date, appropriate and cost effective technology is not used anywhere in India in the sanitation sector – eToilet is a model that is a hybrid one, synergizing technologies in Electronics, Mechanical, Information Technology, etc., for a very cost effective  and modular design.
 Automatic un-manned toilet (Wet type) is an innovation in India; it is especially important as the unit has the capabilities for self washing and sterilization. Sterilization will be helpful in containing serious communicable diseases.
Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for the management of the unit incorporating GPRS facilities.
   eToilet also incorporates a unique advertisement revenue model which ensures the unit’s sustainability and adds to its ambience. The ad panels offer manifold revenue opportunities as this is a highly lucrative model especially in metros and several public locations. Also the units have the capability of adopting high-tech advertisement displays such as revolving ads which adds to its aesthetics and sustainability. This sustainability model is highly relevant in a tourist spot, where employment opportunities can be created and extra cleanliness can be ensured, with the income thus generated.

eToilet covers all the three aspects of quality of life, efficiency and environment protection. eToilet is aimed at improving the quality of life of the public; i.e. the wellness of the people by providing clean, hygienic state-of-the-art sanitation facilities which overrides the traditional public toilets. Though the unit is fully automated, it does not create any kind of usage barrier to the normal user. Efficiency is brought into practice through its unique futuristic approach woven with an intention to preserve our precious resources such as water, electricity and managing waste through effective and efficient sewage treatment techniques. It is also a cost-effective mechanism to ensure proper public sanitation facility in highly populated regions. The average life of a unit is estimated to be around 7-10 years and thus it offers durability. Also the deployment of such units will provide employment opportunities for many. This will help many people to earn their livelihood. Environment is protected through eToilet’s Green technology focus and is all set to emerge with a matchless ‘green model’ through a linkage with Indian Institute of Science.

400+ units of e-Toilet are installed in various locations of our country. The commercial production of the same started during the first quarter of 2010 to provide world class sanitation facility for tourists.  Eram has installed e-toilets in various parts of Kerala and Greater Noida.  Another 300 is under implementation and will be operational within next two months.  Each system is used by an average of 130 peoples per day.  The company has now entered into technology transfer agreement with South Africa and marketing arrangement with Nigeria and Botswana.

High Impact Projects

eToilet is now evolving as a sustainable project for providing clean and hygienic urban infrastructure. Various Government Departments in Kerala have been implementing large scale projects for providing sustainable technology based urban sanitation projects.
  The Women’s’ Development Corporation of Government of Kerala is setting up over 200 eToilets christened as she-toilet for women.
 Public Works Department is setting up Eve’s own eToilet across the stretch of its highways in Kerala.
  Kerala Tourism Department plans to set up eToilet network along its premium tourist destinations.
  Eram is also setting up Highway amenity centers for tourists in over 30 destinations in Kerala.
Pathanamthitta District in Kerala is India’s first District with a connected eToilet Infrastructure (CeTI) where the locations of toilets and their operational status can be viewed over a web based map.  This is more useful to a tourist who travels with their families.  Connected e-Toilets would communicate over a GPRS system and they are accessible over a mobile or internet for locating them.  The e-Toilets can provide information about its working status, whether for male or female, whether changing stations for babies are available and other facilities and the distance from the location specified can be provided.

The company has recently won a whopping grant of over $ 4,50,000 from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to set up eco friendly and hygienic e-Toilets making public conveniences more accessible to the urban poor. The prototyped e-toilet was developed under Technopreneur promotion programme (Tepp) of Department of Scientific and Industrial Research of Government of India by Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram promoted by Government of Kerala. The innovation got grant in aid from Government of India for the prototype development and after completing the working models, this technology has been transferred to Eram Scientific Solutions for comercialising the technology. 

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

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“Water and Words” Precious when scarce, destructive when excess. Easy to pour, Impossible to Recover, Conserve both & use it wisely.

Monday, 17 December 2012

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AWESOME ATTITUDE: The most determinative sentence which should always be followed in life, THE GAME IS NOT OVER, BECAUSE I HAVEN”T WON YET.

Sunday, 16 December 2012



The following are the lists, in order of merit of 248 candidates who have qualified on the basis of the results of the Combined Defence Services Examination (I)‐2012 conducted by the Union Public Service Commission in February, 2012 and SSB interviews held by the Services Selection Board of the Ministry of Defence for admission to the 134th   Course of Indian Military Academy, Dehradun;  Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala  and Air Force Academy, Hyderabad (Pre-Flying) Training Course i.e. 193rd   F(P) Course.

2. There are some common candidates in the three lists for various courses.  

3. The number of vacancies, as intimated by the Government is 250 for Indian Military Academy [including 32 vacancies reserved for NCC ‘C’ Certificate (Army Wing) holders], 40 for Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala  ‐   [2 for Hydro/38 for Executive General Service including 06 vacancies reserved    for NCC ‘C’ Certificate (Naval Wing) holders] and 32 for Air Force Academy, Hyderabad.

4. the Commission had recommended 6074, 1601 and 630 as qualified in the written test for admission to the Indian Military Academy/ Indian Naval Academy and Air Force Academy respectively. The numbers of candidates finally qualified are those after SSB testing conducted by Army Head Quarters.

5. The results of Medical examination have not been taken into account in preparing these lists.

6. Verification of date of birth and educational qualifications of these candidates is still under process by the Army Headquarters.  The candidature of all these candidates is, therefore, Provisional on this score.  Candidates are requested to forward their certificates, in original,    in support of Date of Birth/Educational    qualification etc., certificates claimed by them, along with Photostat attested copies thereof to Army Headquarters/Naval Headquarters/Air Headquarters, as per their first choice.

7. In case, there is any change of address, the candidates are advised to promptly intimate directly to the Army Headquarters/Naval Headquarters/Air Headquarters.

8. These results will also be available on the UPSC website at http.//    However, marks of the candidates will be available on the website after completion of its complete process  i.e. after  declaration of final result of Officers’ Training Academy (OTA) for Combined Defence Services Examination (I)-2012.   

9. For any further information, the candidates may contact    Facilitation Counter near Gate ‘C’    of the Commission’s Office, either in the person or on Telephone Nos. 011-23385271/011-23381125/011-23098543 between 10:00 Hours & 17:00 Hrs. on any working days.  



S.NO.  ROLL NO                 NAME

1          060902           KOLHATKAR SAMPANNA SANJAY
2          125233           SIMRANJEET SINGH
3          084248           RAKESH KUMAR
4          085533           OLETY SATYA VARUN
5          002341           KARAN KAPUR
6          028165           DIVYANK DHUMAS
7          005570           ANIL KUMAR KAHARBAR
8          107000           AASHUTOSH SARASWAT
9          028134           AJEET KUMAR
10        038109          RAJESHWAR SHARMA
11        084454           SUNIT MOHANTY
12        132952          KAMAL KANT TRIPATHI
13        001369           AMIT KUMAR HARDU
14        016567          TANUJ SHARMA
15        028172           ATUL SHARMA
16        083976          AMIT GAUR
17        096561           YOGESH GIRI
18        045257           NITIN KUMAR TYAGI
19        065575           JASKARAN SINGH CHAHAL
20        084614           NITIN KUMAR
21        052289           SOMESH SINGH CHOUDHARY
22        089544           AJEET YADAV
23        101934          ASHWANI TOKAS
24        065593           ABHISHEK KUMAR
25        077661          ANUP KUMAR
26        038928           SHASHANK AWASTHI
27        046155           MANISH SINGH GUSAIN
28        091972           SANDEEP KUMAR
29        124021           ABHISHEK SINGH
30        115694           ANANT KUSHWAHA
31        074691          ROBIN DEV SINGH NARAYNIA
32        066127          B RUFUS JOHNSON
33        082813          SURAJ KANNAN
34        006101          ADHIRAJ BHARDWAJ
35        050204           MOHIT PODIA
36        010809          SUDHANSHU TIWARI
37        049621          PANKAJ KUMAR NANDAL
38        090392          SHIBIN S
39        056509           ABHINAV JOSHI
40        093860           VIJENDRA SINGH
41        111238          RISHU AGGARWAL
42        111299          ABHIJIT MITRA
43        079425          AYUSH MISRA
44        115633           VARUN TOMAR
45        025500          ANKUR KUMAR PAL
46        016434           BRIJESH KUMAR SINGH
47        057565          RITWICK SINGH
48        039045           ANOOB HUSAIN
49        111083           VIVEK SINGH CHAUHAN
50        127771           ARJUN M J

51        030248           NIPUN SHRIVASTAVA
52        063792          ABHISHEK TRIPATHI
53        014250          CHETAN BISHT
54        052453          HEMANG SINGH
55        082178          PARAS BASERA
56        051403           NIKHIL MADHAV SAWANT
57        024316          SARVESH SINGH YADAV
58        034693          AJAY THAKUR
59        090534           CHIDBHAWANAND SHUKLA
60        022183           PRANSHU GAUR
61        001309           GAGANJOT SINGH KAMRA
62        005318           ABHIJIT PRADIP NAVALE
63        076197           ANKIT TRIPATHI
64        119256           P SIDDARTH
65        058890          DILIP GURNANI
66        003242          VIDYASAGAR K
67        098005           NIKHIL RUDRA
68        041352           RAJESH KUMAR YADAV
69        126137           HARVEER SINGH
70        089153           CARIAPPA P E
71        068538          AMIT KUMAR GILL
72        017625           VIPLOVE SHARMA
73        107418          RAVI KUMAR YADAV
74        083878          RISHUBH R SHETTY
75        074396           S NISHANT REDDY
76        104155           SAMUEL JOHN THANKACHEN
77        035032          ANKIT KUMAR VERMA
78        059964           PRAPHULLA V NARAYAN
79        089017          ABHISHEK THAKUR
80        115187          RAHUL SHARMA
81        010192          CHANDRA PRAKASH JIWNANI
82        086087           ARVIND DOGRA
83        103123           VIPIN KUMAR
84        025174           SIDDHANT BALWADA
85        021336           GUNVEER SINGH NATHAWAT
86        043690          HARDEEP SINGH
87        044620           PRAKHAR GUPTA
88        128750           ROHIT YADAV
89        074093          VISHAL SHARMA
90        084117          AKSHAY PANDEY
91        039726          NAVEEN CN
92        000575           AYUSH YADAV
93        024364           SIDDHARTH RAGHUVANSHI
94        029156          RAJAT KUMAR TOMAR
95        037599           MUKUL DUTT
96        031886          ANUCH KUMAR
97        024953          PRANAV SHARMA
98        101548           BHAVESHA CHANDRA
99        016277          RAKSHIT PATHAK
100     119990           SANKALP CHAKRABORTY


101     081557           DHOND AKSHAY SHASHANK
102     084406           ABHISHEK CHOUHAN
103     002280          LOKESH KUMAR LOHIYA
104     095687          DEVANSHU ADIB
105     028331          S MAGESH PRASANNA
106     000573          SONU SINGH
107     001426           SOUMYA SHANKHA KUNDU
108     077020           PRASHANT KOTHA
109     014013           MANOJ SINGH KHATI
110     125236           ANKIT KUMAR
111     015629           MAYANK TRIPATHI
112     042627           SARANG ARORA
113     128168          MRIDUL KAKRAN
114     040202          DEEPANKAR TYAGI
115     027553          MOHIT SRIVASTAVA
116     112259          ABHINAV BASWAN
117     062805           DEEPAK BISHT
118     003376           LOKESH VERMA
119     105298           PRATEEK SARAF
120     120372           SACHIN NEGI
121     008672           RAHUL KUMAR
122     057989           PRAVEEN JOSE PR
123     090861           ATUL KUMAR
124     101216           NIMESH MISHRA
125     047085           AMIT KUMAR TANWAR
126     007081          MANVENDRA SINGH RATHOUR
127     093391          VINEET NEGI
128     046306          ANIKET SALANI
129     087819           PUNYANAND JHA
130     049479           ROHIT SINGH CHOUHAN
131     062189           AMIT SHARMA
132     044024          PRAVEEN KUMAR
133     110996           SAHIL VERMA
134     025254           MAYANK RULANIA
135     129182           GAGANDEEP SINGH WALIA
136     025707           VAGESH KUMAR TIWARI
137     015083           JAGTAR JOHAL
138     009059           MOHIT KHATI
139     075423           NIKHIL DOGRA
140     008431           MANISH KUMAR
141     037719           PATIL ROHIT RAMESH
142     039002          ADITYA SINGH CHAUHAN
143     000959          SNEHASH SINHA
144     027191          PRIME PANDA
145     087003           SAURABH SINGH
146     044519           LOKESH KAUSHIK
147     105657          SUMIT KUMAR TEOTIA
148     063942           MANOJ KUMAR JANGIR
149     083942          KULDEEP BHARDWAJ
150     040157          SOMNATH ROY

151     047539          PHASPULATY SAI KRISHNA
152     058814           ANURAG KOCHAR
153     098944           PRADEEP SINGH PARIHAR
154     048850           MANOHAR MISHRA
155     001450          NITIN TOKAS
156     005265          JASVINDER CHAUHAN
157     020400           AMAR SINGH CHAUHAN
158     084485           NAOREM SHYAMSON MEETEI
159     043458           SAKET KUMAR SINGH
160     006411           HIMANSHU SHARMA
161     039588           AVINASH SEHRAWAT
162     011130           ANGAD SINGH BAINS
163     074296           SHASHANK DUBEY
164     038181           ARUN SINGH
165     048354           DIPTOROOP DAS
166     051598           AKASH ARGAL
167     116516          VINAY SHARMA
168     017224          GAURAV SHARMA
169     100867           MANPREET SINGH
170     119776           NEERAJ SINGH
171     006395          NIKHIL KUMAR
172     006645          SAKSHUM BALHARA
173     022842           AKSHAY JOSHI
174     116752           ASHISH SHARMA
175     059637           GA VINAYAGAM
176     059351           PUSHPENDRA
177     058321           SHIVINDER SINGH
178     088281          OMVIR SINGH
179     130710          RUDRA PRATAP SINGH CHANDEL
180     004290          ABHISHEK CHANDEL
181     006051           GURPREET SINGH
182     116278           HIWALE FRANCIS ROBIN
183     027888           TUSHAR MEHRA
184     127010           PARVEEN KUMAR
185     121879          SHUBAM SEHGAL
186     018390          R J VISHNU NAIDU
187     076752           S TEJENDRA MALLIKARJUN
188     069703           SATYA DEEP TIWARI
189     058334          PRABHAT KUMAR CHATURVEDI
190     104164          BALAGOPAL P M
191     085780          DEVSHREE ARVIND SHARMA
192     005890          ATUL YADAV
193     001763          ABHIMANYU
194     084887          DIVYESH KAUSHIK
195     055161           JITESH KUMAR SINGLA
196     103522           JITESH KAUSHIK
197     117183          RAJAT KAPOOR
198     074080          SANDEEP KUMAR
199     134146           BIPIN CHANDRA BHATT
200     024512          TARUN KATIYAR
201     061444           SAURAV DEOPA
202     000060           MAYANK PANWAR
203     072871           BHAWANI SINGH
204     016956           FAYAZ AHMAD WANI
205     060771          UDAY KUMAR CHOUDHARY



S.NO.  ROLL NO                 NAME

1          085533          OLETY SATYA VARUN
2          001369          AMIT KUMAR HARDU
3          038928           SHASHANK AWASTHI
4          046155           MANISH SINGH GUSAIN
5          039045           ANOOB HUSAIN
6          063792           ABHISHEK TRIPATHI
7          005318           ABHIJIT PRADIP NAVALE
8          017625          VIPLOVE SHARMA
9          059964           PRAPHULLA V NARAYAN
10        010192           CHANDRA PRAKASH JIWNANI
11        074093           VISHAL SHARMA
12        029156          RAJAT KUMAR TOMAR
13        042627           SARANG ARORA
14        003376          LOKESH VERMA
15        120372          SACHIN NEGI
16        057989           PRAVEEN JOSE PR
17        049479          ROHIT SINGH CHOUHAN
18        037719           PATIL ROHIT RAMESH
19        058814          ANURAG KOCHAR
20        048850           MANOHAR MISHRA
21        020400           AMAR SINGH CHAUHAN
22        006411          HIMANSHU SHARMA
23        006645          SAKSHUM BALHARA
24        022842          AKSHAY JOSHI
25        127010           PARVEEN KUMAR
26        074080           SANDEEP KUMAR
27        134146           BIPIN CHANDRA BHATT
28        024512           TARUN KATIYAR
29        094079           SHAHEEN S HOSSAIN
30        002151           YERRA ROHIT GOUD
31        011985           RAHUL DALAL



S.NO.  ROLL NO                 NAME

1          084454           SUNIT MOHANTY
2          085533           OLETY SATYA VARUN
3          001369           AMIT KUMAR HARDU
4          028172           ATUL SHARMA
5          046155           MANISH SINGH GUSAIN
6          038928          SHASHANK AWASTHI
7          016567           TANUJ SHARMA
8          101934           ASHWANI TOKAS
9          124021           ABHISHEK SINGH
10        049621           PANKAJ KUMAR NANDAL
11        035032           ANKIT KUMAR VERMA
12        059964           PRAPHULLA V NARAYAN