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TNPSC Exam-An Exclusive Interview with Ms.Shajitha, TNPSC Group I Exam Topper 2011-13 Exam Interview held on 7th April 2014

An Exclusive Interview with Ms.Shajitha, TNPSC Group I Exam Topper 2011-13 Exam Interview held on 7th April 2014

Age: 22
Father: B Humayun kabeer
Mother: H Sara
Sister: B H Shaheena
Native: Tirumangalam, Madurai
School: P.K.N Girls higher secondary school, Tirumangalam
Degree: B.E (ECE)
College: Kamaraj college of engineering and technology, Virudhunagar
Year of passing: 2012
Prizes & Awards: Child scientist award (2006) by NCSC
                         District level winner in Tamil essay writing, quiz competitions.
                         Zonal level winner in Tamil elocution competitions.
                         Participated in all India radio programme named as “Alai kadal ariviyal”
                        Class topper in 10th and 12th
                        Best arts, literature and administrative student in school life
                        Prizes in inter and intra college competitions

 Interest in TNPSC- the State Civil Services

My aim is to become an IAS, I start to prepare myself for this from my school days. That preparations helped me to clear
IBPS clerical exam (2011)
                        TNPSC Group IV (2012)
                           VAO (2012)
                        TNPSC Group II --- SUB REGISTRAR (2012-2013)
                        TNPSC Group I ---  DSP (2012-2014)                 
I cleared these exams in my first attempt.


I joined UPSC prelim coaching in manithaneyam IAS academy in 2012. For group 1 prelim and main examinations I didn’t underwent for any coaching. For Group 1 interview, I attended the mock interview in manithaneyam IAS academy and Vetrii IAS academy. The mock interview session was very useful for me to face the interview with confidence.


First step I covered the syllabus topics and solve the other TNPSC exam question papers, for mains exam I referred the answer sheets of group 1 toppers and got the idea of how to answer the questions. I recalled all the concepts which I studied earlier as the part of my interview preparation.


 6th to 12th school books
Indian polity - Laxmi kanth
Social issues – Wizard publication
Science and technology – Tata Mcgraw Hill publication
Current affairs – Arihant publication
Quantitative aptitude – R S Agarwal


1.    Historical story about my native place(Tirumangalam)
2.    What is GST?
3.    Which national highway went through my home town?
4.    Field marshals in India, and their names.
5.    Which heading comes twice in Tirukkural?
6.    Favourite Tirukkural
7.    Details about father’s job
8.    5 Great of epics of Tamil language and their related religion.
9.    Total Loksabha constituencies in India, and criteria for  nominated members
10. What is touch screen? And types of touch screen.

TOTAL MARKS:   513.50

“If  you  believe  in  yourself  and  have  dedication  and  pride - and  never  quit, you'll   be a  winner”

Quotable Quote-Message of the Day

Whenever you feel depressed, keep this in mind, “Things are yet to happen... Life is yet to go... This is just a bend not an end  

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Quotable Quote-Message of the Day

“Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail, impossible will be a never possible world in your life”  

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TNPSC Exam-An Exclusive Interview with Ms.G.Poonguzhali, TNPSC Group I Exam Topper 2011-13 Exam Interview held on 7th April 2014

An Exclusive Interview with Ms.G.Poonguzhali, TNPSC Group I Exam Topper 2011-13 Exam Interview held on 7th April 2014

Brief Bio-data 

Age     27 yrs
Native Dist   Karur
Graduation   BE (EEE)
Father    Working in a PSU
Mother    House wife
TNPSC Attempts 2(wrote mains in both the attempts)
Achievements   District topper in higher secondary exam
TNPSC Rank 4
Post Allotted   Deputy Collector
Interest in State Services

 I was preparing for civil services exam conducted by UPSC.As the syllabus for state services appeared similar (except for the optional), I made a try in State services. In my first attempt I could not clear the mains. In my second attempt I made it.
Coaching and Strategy

     I prepared on my own for the preliminary exam. As I already cleared CSE preliminary of UPSC, it helped me in clearing preliminary of Group 1 exam. Having strong basics in the subject, some facts on Tamil Nadu, current affairs and practice would suffice in clearing preliminary.


    As Group 1 main exam comprises only of general studies paper, one needs an extensive preparation. My regular reading of newspaper (THE HINDU), taking notes for the same and frequent revision made me to write good answers. Substantiating one's answer with appropriate facts would fetch good marks.

Writing practice and completing paper on time is very much essential in clearing this exam. Sam sir of Apollo institute helped me a lot in this regard. His continuous feedback and motivation helped me to write better answers. Correcting one's mistakes on time, being open minded, systematic preparation, handwork, stay focused and positive attitude leads to success.


 I joined Manidhanaeyam Institute for the interview programme. Knowing about oneself i.e., bio-data is the first step in preparing for the interview. Forming opinions on current issues with appropriate justifications helps to give an informed answer in an interview. Attending mock interviews helps to overcome fear and fine tune one's answer. Being bold and confident without arrogance in the interview projects one well in interview.

Book List

 1. State board books 6th to 12th Standard
 2. Spectrum-Modern India, Statistics
 3. Websites-PIB, TN Govt, IDSA, Newsonair (news analysis, money talk, current affairs)
 4. Newspaper-The Hindu
 5. A book on TN facts by Shakthi Publications
 6. India Year Book (Govt Schemes consolidation)

Interview Experience

 I was the 4th candidate to the board in the afternoon. The following are the questions asked to me.


1. What is the meaning of your name?
2. Why do you want to join Group 1 services? Why can’t you try Indian Engineering Service? (Since I am an engineer)
3. What have you been doing for the last 6 years?
4. What is your score in plus 2 examination? (Since I was a district topper)
5. What is your father?
6. Are you appearing for Civil services Interview this time? (Wished me all the best for my interview)

Member 1

1. Where you finished your graduation?
2. What is the difference between Electrical and Electronics?
3. You are an EEE engineer. Tell me why Electrical and Electronics are linked together as one discipline?
4. As an engineer how can you contribute to administration?

Member 2

1. What is the use of IT in administration? (Since I was a software engineer in an IT company)
2. Tell me some projects on e-governance in Tamil Nadu 
3. You forgot one important initiative. Tell me that.(Member hinted that TNPSC also implementing e-governance initiatives  through online applications etc.)

Member 3

1. What is Android software?
2. What is the significance of Android software?
3. What are the other mobile software available?
4. Do you SMS often? What is GOK?

Marks Secured

Main (Written) Marks    507.5/900
Interview Marks              81/120
Total                            588.5/1020

Quotable Quote-Message of the day

GOD has three answers for each prayer
  1. Yes
  2. Wait
  3. I have another better plan for you
But never say “NO” so keep trusting him....

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UPSC Exam-Civil Services main Exam 2012 Final Reserve List


The  results  of  the  Civil  Services  (Main)  Examination,  2012  were declared vide Press Note dated 03.05.2013 recommending 998 candidates in  order of merit for appointment to IAS, IFS, IPS and Central Services Group ‘A’  and Group ‘B’ against 1091 vacancies. 

2.  The Commission, in accordance with the Rule 16 (4) & (5) of the Civil  Services Examination Rules, was also maintaining a Consolidated Reserve List  in  order  of  merit  below  the  last  recommended  candidate  under  the  respective category. 

3.  As sought by the Department of Personnel & Training, the Commission has now recommended 90 candidates which include 67 General, 22 OBC and 01 ST, to fill up the remaining posts based on the Civil Services Examination, 2012. Particulars of these candidates are indicated below. The candidates so recommended will be communicated with directly by the DOP&T. 

4.  The candidature of one candidate bearing Roll No.  342887 is provisional. 

Sl.No.  Roll No.         Name

1          031972           NIDHI TEWARI 
2          284642           NARESH KUMAR 
3          139815           RAMAN SHARMA 
4          286271          BANDANA 
5          094000           MANASI SINGH 
6          005921           VAIBHAV RIKHARI 
7          037625           SRIJAN ACHARYA 
8          209408           ANAND KUMAR SINGH 
9          106636           ARATHI A NAIR 
10        010046          SUCHISMITA SWAIN 
11        105431           YOGEETA SHARMA 
12        304742          MAHAR SINGH 
13        098656           CHARU GUPTA 
14        074950           BARASARA MEHULKUMAR MAGANLAL 
15        113502          SAKSHI KUMAR 
16        012051          NEHA NAUTIYAL 
17        069162          HARISHA VELLANKI 
18        413255           ANKUR MAHINDROO 
19        070597           PARVEEN KUMAR SARSWAT 
20        028190           PATIL RAHUL RAGHUNATH 
21        035248           KAPIL CHOUDHARY 
22        185042           ADITYA GAUTAM 
23        217299          MOHIT MISHRA 
24        001934          ASHUTOSH YADAV 
25        442525           SUBODH PRATAP SINGH 
26        246589           DHANDAPANI C 
27        103111           DEEPU KRISHNAN 
28        039485           AMIT PRATAP SINGH 
29        010417           DAMAN SINGH 
30        053103           NEHA JOHARI 
31        285798           MADHUSUDANAN T V 
32        279562           S RAMAKRISHNAN 
33        027850           AMIT KUMAR PANDEY 
34        082126           SRINIVASA REDDY KALAM 
35        136406          NOOPUR MISHRA 
36        006581           MOHIT SHARMA 
37        420074           CHAVHAN UJJWALKUMAR BHIMRAO 
38        161863           GAURAV KAUSHAL 
39        001148           DESHMUKH ANUP ASHOKRAO 
40        046353          ASHUTOSH PANDEY 

41        012819           JITENDRA PATEL 
42        191187          DESAI RAKESH NITINCHANDRA 
43        036911           AMAN SINGH RATHORE 
44        267799          SHIKHAR PANT 
45        004963           RAJEEV KUMAR 
46        035161           PIYUSH JAIN 
47        062983           PRIYANKA SHARMA 
48        000951           SURYAJIT NAYAK 
49        121986           AMAN KUMAR 
50        215431           JIWENDRA CHANDRA TRIPATHI 
51        044912           BHARAT REDDY BOMMAREDDY 
52        019432           POOJA P PALICHA 
53        014324           RAHUL DEV SHARMA 
54        069973           DESAI SANDIP SHRIRANG 
55        324506           NARAIN S N 
56        208429           ARUN TRIPATHI 
57        155091           SANDEEP S P 
58        020831           JOSHI SANYAM SURESH 
59        142978           NANDINI PALAT 
60        149725           K SANDHYA RANI 

61        471014           ROBIN BALEJA 
62        207106           UDAYAN DHAVALIKAR 
63        390296           GAURANG RATHI 
64        039477           KAUSTUBH 
65        181745           PRADEEP SHARMA 
66        446585           SMITA SINGH 
67        186513           ANSHUMAN RAM TRIPATHI 
68        135672           ASHWIN S 
69        342887          SENTHIL KUMAR M 
70        184940           KAMALA DEVI K 
71        060140           MITHUN SONI 
72        041145          ROHIT SONI 
73        328127           RAYEES AKHTAR 
74        241855           MERCY RAMYA I S 
75        101678           HAKAY AKSHAY MACHHINDRA 
76        054483           PRAMOD KUMAR YADAV 
77        221254           ASHISH YADAV 
78        275011           SWETA SINGH 
79        008954          RAVI RANJAN KUMAR 
80        280929           MANISH 
81        442357           SUGANYA K 
82        187293           VIGNESHWARAN C 
83        298005           PRAVEEN KUMAR 
84        047324           PUSHPRAJ SINGH 
85        205542           SURENDRA SINGH BARAHAT 
86        080226           PGANGA SHREE 
87        227521           OUNKAR SINGH 
88        513185           KUMARAN R 
89        220451           ANISH YADAV 
90        079342           AJAY RUMAL KHARDE 

Quotable Quote-Message of the Day

Friendship is a soft Feeling of Heart. But it’s very hard to feel & When it feels, it’s Too Hard to drop. Because True Friendship Happens once in life.  

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Quotable Quote-Message of the Day

Courage is not always a lion’s thunderous roar, often times it can also be the defending silence of an ant working patiently, persistently & never giving up...

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TNPSC Exam-An Exclusive Interview with Ms.Tina Kumari, TNPSC Group I Exam Topper 2011-13 Exam Interview held on 7th April 2014

An Exclusive Interview with Ms.Tina Kumari, TNPSC Group I Exam Topper 2011-13 Exam Interview held on 7th April 2014
(First Rank)

Brief Bio data

Name                  : P.Tina Kumari
Age                    :  29 years
Place of Birth       : Neyveli
School                 : St. Joseph of Cluny (2001 Pass out) 
Degree                 : B.Tech (IT),
                                             PSG College of Technology (2005 Pass out)
                Work Experience: Worked in TCS, IBM

                Family Details        :
    Father                   : C.Paramasivam, AO
    Mother                  : S.Poongothai, Teacher
                Husband              : M.Raja Saravanan, 
                                             Wipro Technologies Limited
    Son                      : R. Sharan

Your interest in TNPSC- the State Civil Services

I had worked for a couple of Software Services Companies, but my interest was in Civil Services. So, I had quit my job and started preparing for TNPSC exams. I cleared Group-2 exams in 2011 and joined the Commercial Taxes Department. I appeared for the Group-1 Preliminary examination in 2011, but was not able to clear it, so, made a full-fledged preparation in 2013 and made it through.

Subject Selection

TNPSC Group-1 Main Examination has three papers for General Studies now and no optional papers. In Paper-2, I chose English as a language subject.

Coaching if any

I underwent one year of coaching at Manidhaneyam Academy under the guidance of our mentor Mr.Sam Rajeswaran. As it was my first Mains attempt, Sam sir's guidance was of great help in making the preparation fruitful.

Preparation Strategy

I had devoted one full year for the preparation.
Preliminary – I covered the entire syllabus well ahead and ensured that there was ample time for revision

Mains - The core idea is to complete the entire paper within the stipulated time and to give answers in good standard. Presentation of the answers also plays an important role. Our mentor and Test Director Mr.Sam Rajeswaran used to insist on having frequent test practices. He used to evaluate each and every test papers and identify our mistakes and would suggest corrective measures then and there. It helped me a lot in maintaining the quality of answers and improving the speed of writing.

Interview – It was more of a personality test. Reading newspapers was part of my regular schedule. So, having a deep insight into the International, National and State issues is important.

Book List 

1.     School books from 6th to 12th
2.     Study Material given at the Academy
3.     Spectrum Series – Science and Technology
4.     Indian Polity - Laxmikanth
5.     Wizard – Social Issues
6.     Quantitative Aptitude – R.S.Agarwal
7.     Wikipedia

Examination Experience

We were the first batch to take the examination with the new pattern of three General Studies Papers. So, I gave equal importance to all the subjects – the conventional subjects(History, Polity, Geography) as well as the current updates in Indian Economy, Social Issues etc., While making the choice of questions, I ensured to choose the questions that I was very sure of giving correct and standard answers.

Interview (strategy, questions, and atmosphere) – TNPSC Board Questions asked

1.     Recent Issues in my District (Cuddalore)
2.     about the power production in NLC
3.     New ventures of NLC
4.  from my Engineering degree – Data Warehousing, Data Mining
5.     E-Governance Initiatives of our Government
6.     What new initiatives will I bring in e-Governance?
7.     Is Disinvestment necessary? Give reasons
8.   About Environment and International initiatives to control Global Warming.
9.     What are the sources of State government revenue?
10.  Revenue generated by Sales tax for the current financial year

Total Marks scored: 623

Any other tips you wish to share.

1.     Have a positive attitude throughout the preparation time.
2.     Enjoy the learning process. Take it as an opportunity to expand your knowledge.
3.     Preparation, Practice and Perseverance- will make us reach Success…

“All the Best”