Saturday, 23 August 2014

UPSC Exam-Civil Service Exam 2014-UPSC Announcement on English Language Comprehension skills.

UPSC Announcement on English Language Comprehension skills

As  per  decision  taken  by  the  Government  of  India,  certain amendments have been made  vide an Extra-Ordinary  Gazette Notification No. 202 dated 16.08.2014,  in the   Rules of  Civil  Services  Examination, 2014  notified    earlier  on 31.5.2014.

The   candidates   appearing   in   the   Civil   Services (Preliminary) Examination, 2014 to be conducted by the Union Public  Service  Commission    on 24.08.2014  (Sunday),  may please note the following changes made in the scheme of Civil Services (Preliminary)   Examination, 2014   as   per   above mentioned amendments made by the Government :

a)     Both Paper-I and Paper-II of Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination, 2014 to be conducted on 24.8.2014 will be of two hours duration each.
b)     The   questions   on   English   Language   Comprehension  skills (of Class X level) contained in each set of Test Booklets  of Paper-II are not to be attempted as these questions shall not  be  evaluated  for  gradation  or  merit.    The  Candidates  are,  therefore,  advised  not  to  attempt  questions  on  English Language    Comprehension    skills    for    which  Hindi translation  has  not  been  given  in  the  respective  Test Booklets of Paper-II.
c)     The Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination, 2014, shall thus comprise of two compulsory papers of which Paper-I will be of 200 marks and Paper II will be of  200 marks minus the maximum  marks  allocated  to  the  questions  on  English Language Comprehension skills.
d)     Final merit for qualifying the candidates for the Civil  Services (Main) Written Examination will be drawn by using  the aggregate marks obtained in Paper-I out of 200 marks and marks obtained in Paper-II out of 200 marks minus the maximum  marks  allocated  to  the  questions  on English  Language   Comprehension   skills (i.e.   those questions in Paper-II for which Hindi translation has not been given).

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