Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Current Affairs-Pre 1971 Bangladeshi settlers are Indians-Meghalaya High Court

Pre 1971 Bangladeshi settlers are Indians-Meghalaya High Court

In a historic judgement, the Meghalaya High Court in shillong has said that Bangladesh nationals who have settled in the state before 24 March 1971 should be treated as Indians and they be enrolled in voters ‘list. 

The judgment was based on a petition by over 40 refugees from Bangladesh, who were denied enrolment in the electoral roll by the district administration citing their citizenship was doubtful.

These refugees from Amjong village near the Assam-Meghalaya border in Ri-Bhoi district moved the High Court after their citizenship certificates were seized by the deputy commissioner.

In his 15 May order Justice S. R. Sen directed the district Deputy Commissioner to return the certificates and enroll them in voter list.

Justice Sen said that there was an understanding between the two countries as to who should be allowed to stay and who should be deported back to Bangladesh. 

He said It is clearly understood that the forefathers of the petitioners entered India much before 24 March 1971.

As such there is no question of deporting them at this stage when they have acquired the right of permanent rehabilitation. Court has also directed the state and the Centre government to give them proper rehabilitation.

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