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TNPSC Exam-An Exclusive Interview with Ms.Sita Krishnamoorthy, TNPSC Group I Exam Topper 2011-13 Exam Interview held on 7th April 2014

An Exclusive Interview with Ms.Sita Krishnamoorthy, TNPSC Group I Exam Topper 2011-13 Exam Interview held on 7th April 2014

Brief Bio data
Name: Sita Krishnamoorthy
Father : N. Krishnamoorthy
             Retd Engineer, ISRO, Trivandrum
Mother: C. Rajeswari
              Retd School teacher
Brother: Lakshman Krishnamoorthy
              Doing his MS in Computer Science Engineering

I did my schooling 11th and 12th from SBOA School and Junior College, Annanagar, Chennai

Finished my BTech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from College of Engineering, Trivandrum

Worked for ABB Ltd, Bangalore for 5 years in the field of Substation Automation

Your interest in TNPSC- the State Civil Services

It was my dream from child hood to enter into the civil services.
After college, I had to join the job which I got through campus recruitment. I had to stick on to the job for a few years due to family commitments. It was difficult for me to work and study (though I had tried it)
I entered into the actual preparation mode for UPSC exams in 2009, after I quit my job.
I had given 3 attempts in UPSC and was not able to make it. I was very depressed after my last attempt. It was then that Mr. Arul of Success Book House introduced me to Sam sir of Apollo Institute and asked me to try for TNPSC.

In 2013, I gave my first and last attempt in TNPSC

Coaching if any

Sam Sir of Apollo Institute was my only mentor and guide for the TNPSC exams. After meeting him, there was no looking back for me.

I followed completely whatever sir said. Initially I found it very difficult as my answers were having the “UPSC” flavour. Another big problem which I faced was that I was not able to memorise dates and personalities which is so much required for the TNPSC exams.

It was because of Sam sir’s continuous motivation and encouragement that I was able to slowly and steadily improve my writing skills.

I used to feel depressed when my performance was not up to the mark in the class tests. There were times when I thought of giving up. It was Sam sir who kept giving me confidence and asked me to stick to the fight and keep trying.

Preparation Strategy


Extensive reading of Samacheer Kalvi books classes 6th to 12th
Current Affairs from any newspaper (I followed The Hindu)


Deep and thorough reading of conventional subjects like Polity, History, Geography, Science and Tech, Economics.
Current Affairs from newspapers
Try adding current updates in each area of study. Inputs can be taken from the internet.

Regular practice of Mental Ability
Extensive writing practice. I just followed the mains test schedule at Apollo. I implemented the feedback given by the faculties. Wrote and re-wrote many tests.

Book List

Samacheer Kalvi books- 6th to 12th
Polity: Lakshmikanth
Mental Ability: RS Agarwal
Geography: Wizard
Economics: Pratiyogita Darpan

Examination Experience


Read only Samacheer books
I scored around 140/200.


Class tests at Apollo helped me a lot to face the actual exam. The test schedule has been planned very meticulously and helped me cover the entire syllabus at the right time, giving me sufficient time for revision as well.

Interview (strategy, questions, and atmosphere) – TNPSC Board Questions asked

I was the last candidate for the day in my board. I was totally exhausted and famished by the time I was called in (It was almost 5 PM)
Interview is more like a personality test and not a test of our knowledge. (Knowledge is already tested in the Prelims and Mains)

It’s important to remain calm and cool throughout. It is not wrong to say “I do not know” to some of the questions.
The following topics should be prepared for interview:
·         Your bio data (native district, school, college etc)
·         Current events
·         Recent Welfare schemes of TN Govt
·         Work Experience (if any)
·         Degree related

Questions asked to me

1)    Need for Space research
2)    Recent satellite launched by ISRO and its purpose
3)    Need for foreign collaboration in nuclear power. Positives and negatives
4)    Kudankulam problem
5)    Problems faced by women officers
6)    Types of motors
7)    Motor used in Railways? Why?

 Total Marks scored

Written Exam :489
Oral test          :   81  
Total marks     : 570

 Any other tips you wish to share

In mains exam, it is important to add certain current information to your answers.

I faced difficulty in this regard as I did not have a computer at home. However, my friends and my brother used to get me any information that I asked them and they used to message it over to me. I am very grateful to them for having helped me in that.

It is important to stay motivated throughout the phase of the exam. Any negative orientation can affect your performance. Try to stay away from people who constantly talk negative things. If you are not a person who has the ability to motivate one’s own self, you can go to some mentor or guide who will give a lending ear to your problems and give you positive advise.

In my case, Sam sir was the only person I used to go to during all my lows. I had a lot of problems both at home as well as during the preparation. Sam sir kept giving me confidence and motivating me even during the times when I was at my worst.

I wish to tell all aspirants to never give up at any cost. I have faced a lot of failures that broke me and made me go into a shell. I was thoroughly depressed. I believed in myself. I never gave up though I was ridiculed and mocked by many. I knew I can. I knew I had the potential.

With the support of my friends and close family members, I came out of the abyss. I thank all my well-wishers for having the trust and patience in me and for never giving up on me.

I would be missing out on something if I do not thank my mother. She has withstood tremendous pressures to make me realize my dream. She stood like a shield, protecting me from the onslaught of family members who forced her to get me married and send me for a job. I thank her for the confidence she had in me and for the prayers and numerous fasting that she had undergone to see my success.

Thank you.
Best of luck to all!!

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