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TNPSC Exam-An Exclusive Interview with Ms.L.Maithily-TNPSC Group I Exam Topper 2011-13 Exam Interview held on 7th April 2014

An Exclusive Interview with Ms.L.Maithily, TNPSC Group I Exam
Topper 2011-13 Exam Interview held on 7th April 2014
(Fifth Rank)

Hi friends, I am Maithily.L, scored state fifth in TNPSC Group I Services and was selected as Asst Commissioner, Commercial Taxes. I completed my B.E Computer Science and Engineering Course at SSN College of Engg and at present working as Assistant Manager at Allahabad Bank, Madurai Main Branch. The interest in Government sector jobs made me to join classes to prepare for competitive exams as soon as I finished my degree. Though I got Bank job, I was more interested in Group I services as it is the job which is more public oriented, more decision making oriented, more service oriented.

TNPSC Group I has three stages – Prelims, Mains and Interview. To crack prelims, one should have wide knowledge on all subjects. Maths plays a major role in prelims as 50 questions out of 200 covers aptitude questions. One should be thorough with Indian polity, Current Affairs, Indian National Movement and Maths to crack Prelims very easily.

Mains examination needs more effort as it is subjective. Six to eight months of sincere preparation with regular tests is necessary to clear mains exam. Completion of paper with neat and legible handwriting, presenting the answer in the precise manner are the major issues in the mains which can be overcome by the regular practice tests.

Interview is more self oriented and it is the easiest of all the three stages. It is just a personality test and can score good marks by giving smart and confident answers. My success credit goes to my mentor Mr. Sam Rajeswaran, Apollo Study Centre who has moulded me by providing the proper guidance and mental support.

I have cleared TNPSC Group I Services in my second attempt and in my first attempt, I had failed in mains examination. In interview, I had been asked the following questions.
1.    If you are a DSP and if a adult girl and boy ask for protection against their parents as their parents are against their marriage and if you are a person who generally don’t prefer this kind of marriage and if police are busy in election duty to give protection, what will be your reaction to that situation?
2.    If you are a DC and if the people of a village come to greet you with sweets and a cash cover as you have brought water supply, electricity connection to that village, will you accept the cash and sweets? How will you react to that situation?
3.    What is the major difference between Finance Ministry and RBI
4.    What is cyber attack? Give its types
5.    What is Phishing?
6.    Will KYC norms in banks help in reducing the Cyber attacks?
7.    Is bank in rural area helpful in economic development? If so, how?
8.    How do banks help in education? Explain
9.    Why do you prefer Group I services though you are in a good job with a nice salary?
10.  What is special in your college? Why many students prefer SSN College?
11.  Are private banks necessary? What is the use? If so, why former Indian PM Mrs.Indira Gandhi said that all banks should be nationalized and there should be no private banks?
12.  Who is Malala Yousafzai? Where she is at present? For what reason, she is famous for?
13.  How is women status in India at present compared to 1900’s?

Interview is all about your personal details, working area questions and current affairs. It is not necessary that one should answer all questions. The strategy is that one should be more confident in giving answer and bold to accept that the answer is not known.

I have scored 493.50 marks out of 900 in mains and 90 marks out of 120 in interview totaling 583.50 out of 1020 marks.

My advice to all my friends who are aspiring for competitive exams based on my experience are:
·         Be focused in what you are aiming
·         Prepare in depth to get a wider knowledge about the topic
·         Make maximum use of Internet to keep yourselves updated
·         Your handwriting should be neat and legible which will really help in scoring high marks
·         Don’t get panic in examination hall and present the best from what you have learnt
·         Do not argue with the panel members and admit the mistake if anything is wrong
·         Approach the exam in a cool manner and complete the exam papers which is the tool to crack the mains
·         Concentrate on maths based on the syllabus which will help in both prelims and mains
·         Be focused, Strive hard and Victory is all yours! ALL THE BEST FRIENDS!!!

Books for reference:
Indian Polity – Laxmikanth
Indian National Movement – Spectrum
Current Affairs – Any Magazine
Science – School Books
Social Issues - Ram Ahuja

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