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UPSC Exam-Geologist Exam 2012 Notification Issued

GEOLOGISTS’ EXAMINATION, 2012 Notification Issued


No.4/1/2012-E.I(B) : A competitive examination for recruitment to the posts mentioned in para 2 below will be held by the Union Public Service Commission commencing from the 1st December, 2012 in accordance with the Rules published by the Ministry of Mines in the Gazette of India dated the 15th September, 2012 at the following centres.

AHMEDABAD                      JAIPUR
ALLAHABAD                        JAMMU
BANGALORE                       KOLKATA
BHOPAL                                LUCKNOW
CHANDIGARH                      MUMBAI
CHENNAI                               PATNA
CUTTACK                             SHILLONG
DELHI                                     SHIMLA
DISPUR                                 THIRUVANAN THAPURAM

The centres and the dates of holding the examination as mentioned above are liable to be changed at the discretion of the commission. Applicants should note that there will be a ceiling on the number of candidates allotted to each of the Centre, except Chennai, Delhi, Dispur, Kolkata and Ahmedabad. Allotment of Centres will be on the "first-apply-first-allot” basis, and once the capacity of a particular Centre is attained, the same will be frozen. Applicants, who cannot get a Centre of their choice due to ceiling, will be required to choose a Centre from the remaining ones. Applicants are, thus, advised that they may apply early so that they could get a Centreof their choice.

NB: Notwithstanding the aforesaid provision, Commission reserve the right to change the Centres at their discretion if the situation demands. Candidates admitted to the examination will be informed of the time table and place or places of examination. Candidates should note that no request for change of centre will be granted.

2(a). The categories of post to which recruitment is to be made on the results of this examination and the approximate number of vacancies in the various posts are given below :-
Category I : (Posts in the Geological Survey of India, Ministry of Mines).
(i) Geologist, Group “A” 300
(ii) Assistant Geologist Grade-I (Group 'B')    67

Category II: (Posts in the Central Ground Water Board, Ministry of Water Resources)

(i)                 Jr. Hydrogeologists (Scientist B), Group “A” 03
(ii)               Assistant Hydrogeologists, Group “B” 12

NOTE : 17 vacancies of Geologists and 3 vacancies for Assistant Geologist are reserved for Physically Challenged candidates belonging to the Hearing Impairment Category.

One vacancy of Junior Hydro-geologist is reserved for Physically Challenged  Candidate belonging to the (Hearing impairment (Partially).

The above number of vacancies are liable to alteration. Appointments will be made on a temporary basis in the first instance.
Reservations will be made for candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes and Physically disabled categories in respect of vacancies as may be fixed by the Government.

A candidate will be eligible to get the benefit of community reservation only in case the particular caste to which the candidate belongs is included in the list of reserved communities issued by the Central Government. If a candidate indicates in his/her Application Form for Geologists Examination that he/she belongs to General Category but subsequently writes to the Commission to change his/her category, to a reserved one, such request shall not be entertained
by the Commission.

While the above principle will be followed in general, there may be a few cases where there was a little gap (say 2-3 months) between the issuance of a Government Notification enlisting a particular community in the list of any of the reserved communities and the date of submission of the application by the candidate. In such cases the request of change of community from general to reserved may be considered by the Commission on merit.

The closing date fixed for the receipt of the application will be treated as the date for determining the OBC status (including that of creamy layer) of the candidates.

2(b). A candidate may apply for admission to the examination in respect of any one or both the categories, mentioned in Para 2(a) above. Once an application has been made, no change will be allowed.

If a candidate wishes to be admitted for both the categories, he/she need send in only one application. He/She will be required to pay the fee mentioned in para 4 below once only and will not be required to pay separate fee for each of the categories for which he/she applies.

A candidate may compete for any one or both the categories of Posts for which he/ she is eligible in terms of Rules. A candidate who qualifies for both the categories of Posts on the result of written part of examination will be required to
indicate clearly in the Detailed Application Form the categories of Posts for which he/ she wishes to be considered in the order of preference so that having regard to his/ her rank in order of merit, due consideration can be given to his/her preference when making appointment.

N.B. (i): No request for addition/alteration in the preferences indicated by a candidate in his/her detailed application form will be entertained by the Commission.

N.B.(ii) The candidates competing for both the categories of the Posts will be allotted to Posts strictly in accordance with their merit position, preference exercised by  them and number of vacancies. 

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