Saturday, 22 September 2012

UPSC Exams-Subject Selection-Frequently Asked questions and Free Counselling

Dear Sir, I completed my B.Sc Biotechnology with Botany Biotechnology and Microbiology as subjects. Please help in choosing optional subjects.

You can select Botany as the first optional as most of the syllabus you must have covered during the graduation. The success ratio of Botany is about 1:9. The second optional may be Zoology. This is also doing well. There is some similarity between these two subjects. The syllabus may be vast. You may think of taking Anthropology. You can understand the scientific terms used in this subject easily. The success ratio is also at par with Botany.
If you feel like taking some humanity subject you can take one of the following subjects. Public Administration/ Sociology/ Psychology. If you are good in one of the listed Indian Literatures, you can also opt for it. 

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