Monday, 24 September 2012

UPSC Exams-Subject Selection-Frequently Asked questions and Free Counselling

Respected Sir, I am a graduate with B.Sc degree and subjects Psychology ,Botany and Zoology. I am planning for moving to Delhi for IAS preparations. Can we choose subjects other than what we had at graduation level. what should be the criterion for choosing the subjects? Also is it more important to finish with your PG before preparing for IAS or even graduates like me can go ahead.
- Babita  Goel

You can select any two subjects from the UPSC's listed optional subjects. This need not be of the subject, which you have studied in the college. Preparation from Delhi will be definitely advantageous for the students, compared to those preparing from remote areas.

There is no basic criteria in the selection, but there are some combinations, which are not allowed. You can not take those two subjects together. The list available in the blog ( notification issued by UPSC for 2012 Exams) .

Though there is no criteria given by the UPSC, students normally prefer to opt for few optionals. You can also keep these points in mind before the selection.
1. May opt for the subjects , which are interesting to you. So that you don't get bored of this year long preparation.

2. Informally people call some subject as popular and some are specialised and some are least popular. The popular subjects are opted by the candidate from any stream. These are like History, Geography, Public Administration, Sociology etc. Technical or specialised subjects are Medicine, All branches Engineering, Veterinary Sciences, and Agriculture etc. There are subjects, which are not preferred by majority of the candidates.

3. You should also see that both the optional exams are not held back to back. Normally, the examination schedule drawn based on the number of candidates. Highest number will be held first followed by the next like that.

4. See the books and material availability. You can also see, if there is need for any coaching. If at all you need a coaching, will you get the good coaching centre and the teaching as well?

There are many Coaching Institutes run English medium coaching only. As we don’t have any details about the success percentage/ dossiers of the various Institutes, we are not in a position to recommend any Coaching Institute to you 

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