Monday, 24 September 2012

UPSC Exams-Eligibility Issues-Frequently Asked questions and Free Counselling

A person belonging to SC (female) is appearing for CSE. She will mention "SC" in the prelim exam application form. By that Mains exam if that person gets married to an OBC person, then what to mention in the Main exam application form? In prelims application form it will be SC and in the Mains exam application form should that person mention SC or OBC? How to handle these types of conflicts.
- Sunanda 

If he/she is a SC candidate the category remains the same In this case she can retain the SC category and may shift to the OBC category. The shifting of category is allowed only in the case of girl. If it is a male candidate, he can not change his category. We feel above is correct even then you may get some expert opinion on this issue one more thing is that once a person gets nod for SC category in the prelims he/she remains SC through out the exam because the category reservation is carried forward. 

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