Saturday, 23 March 2013

UPSC Exam-Indian Civil Services Exam 2013 -Main Exam-Optional Syllabus-Bodo Literature-Paper 1


History of Bodo Language and Literature
(Answers must be written in Bodo)

History of Bodo Language
1. Homeland, language family, its present status and its mutual contact with Assamese.
2. (a) Phonemes : Vowel and Consonant Phonemes (b) Tones.
3. Morphology : Gender, Case & Case endings, Plural suffix, Definitives, Verbal suffix.
4. Vocabulary and its sources.
5. Syntax : Types of sentences, Word Order.
6. History of Scripts used in writing Bodo Language since inception.

History of Bodo Literature
1. General introduction of Bodo folk literature.
2. Contribution of the Missionaries.
3. Periodization of Bodo Literature.
4. Critical analysis of different genre (Poetry, Novel, Short Story and Drama)
5. Translation Literature.

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